Residential Masonry

Our Masons Are As Solid As A Brick

At RF Masonry, we offer masonry services that include both renovation and construction work. We provide you with the best masonry services and our masonry experts can help you identify the best materials and approach for your project.

The masonry on your building is essential to its structure and to weatherproofing, but it can still cause problems with the passage of time.

Noticeable changes in the brick or stone of your building, such as cracks, crumbling mortar, and broken bricks, can cause water infiltration. In addition, if you have a bulging masonry wall, it’s necessary to get it fixed quickly before your wall collapses.

We Provide The Best Masonry Contractors For Your Project

RF Masonry’s experts will provide you with proper installation, repair, and renovation work according to the highest standards set by us. This will prevent future deterioration. Furthermore, it will also make your property more appealing, increasing its resale value.

For instance, a high-quality brick or stone exterior enhances the value of your property, giving it a balanced look. In addition, the masonry of your building could mean trouble for your property if its exterior walls are in bad condition.

Types Of New Installations:

Replace Crumbled Bricks

Bricks that have deteriorated to the point of starting to crumble are no longer strong enough to fulfil their purpose so must be replaced with new ones.

Brick or Stone Coverings for Aesthetic Purposes

Whether to be used for a fireplace or a feature wall in an apartment, brick or stone coverings can add to the aesthetics of your building.


Whether you’re building a new home or are renovating to give your home a new look, brick or stone can transform the exterior of your property.

In fact, the exterior of your house can be changed to such a level that your friends won’t even recognise it. This is where the skills and expertise of the bricklayer come into the equation.

Repairing A Bulge In A Brick Wall

An inflated stone or brick wall is a sign of frost boil. This is caused by water seeping into the mortar joints of a brick or stone wall. It is a common masonry problem that should be resolved as soon as possible to avoid further damage and heavy repair costs.

Remember, if the frost boil is dealt with too late, the wall will need to be completely rebuilt.

Other Renovation Work:

  • Construction of stone or brick ramps
  • Construction or repair of retaining walls
  • Laying decorative stones
  • Chimney repairs
  • Decorative walls and stone columns

Certified Masons

RF Masonry has certified masons who specialise in brick and stone repair. Our qualified contractors will first identify the damage caused by age, water, and weather conditions. They will then restore your brick.

Renovating properties with older masonry requires the expertise of a certified mason who specialises in brick and stone repair and restoration. The qualified mason will identify the damage caused by age, weather conditions, and water. He then will be able to restore your brick or stone elements.