Top Uses Of Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are extremely common to many different construction projects. Their main use is to create a structure and barrier to hold back soil so that different levels of soil can be maintained on either side of it. There are various types of retaining walls such as gravity retaining walls, cradle retaining walls, Gabion retaining walls, counterfort retaining walls, pile retaining walls, and several more!

In most cases, retaining walls are built using retaining wall blocks in NZ. They are modular, concrete blocks laid at specific angles to achieve the desired retaining wall.

As retaining wall specialists ourselves, we’ll be looking at some of the top uses for retaining walls in this article.

Preventing Soil Erosion

The main reason most people will have retaining walls installed is to prevent soil erosion. Soil erosion happens when heavy rains cause the top layer of soil to run off in deep funnels created in the earth. This can cause the soil to become arid as the topsoil contains the majority of the nutrients. Retaining walls hold soil in place and can prevent steep slopes that are vulnerable to erosion.

Landscape Design

In some cases, retaining walls can simply be used as a decorative piece in landscape design. Retaining walls can look very attractive and can be used as partitions for different parts of a garden design. They are very commonly used by landscapers to help their vision come to life.


Retaining walls are used to stabilise sloping landscapes and hold the soil in place, making this landscape easier for property owners and guests to walk through.

Proper Drainage

Another popular use of retaining walls is to introduce proper drainage and prevent flooding. Retaining walls are very often used as part of in-depth drainage systems that prevent flooding to your property. It is up to the property owner that their property has protection against flooding, and flooding is often not covered by insurance agencies.

Reduce Landscape Maintenance

The way in which retaining walls hold up soil and partition different parts of the landscape means that it aids in reducing the maintenance required.

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